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Our experienced team are passionate about the Heavy and Highway Construction Industry and are highly experienced in Trimble Machine Control & Site Positioning Technology.

Our construction management professionals organise, lead and manage the people, materials and processes of utilising Trimble construction technology.

Whatever the machinery, from Heavy Construction Equipment to Earth Moving Equipment, SITECH Solutions has the technology to make significant improvements in Project Workflow. This in turn, dramatically increases your production, improves your accuracy and lowers your operating costs.

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Trimble's New Earthworks Production Study

SITECH Solutions is so excited about Trimble's new Earthworks Excavator System with automatics.

Watch this video as Trimble teams up with partner SEE Civil in a real world application to directly compare the automatics and guidance only systems.

The results are very impressive. Compared to guidance only, Trimble Earthworks automatics achieved TWICE THE SPEED and TWICE THE ACCURACY.

Think what 50% more production time could do for your business!