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Trimble Machine Control: Actions Speak Louder than Words

“Action versus words. The older I get the more this rings true,’ believes Scott Lidster, Machine Application & Operator Training Specialist at Australian Earth.

Over the weekend Scott attended a customer technology day hosted Cooper Civil Pty Ltd on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

When Scott approached Cooper Civils founder/director, Rhys Cooper a few weeks ago about the possibility of taking a look at his Caterpillar Inc stable, Rhys was ‘keen as’ to oblige.

“Little did I know that this wasn’t the first time Rhys had been approached to do such a thing, ‘ says Scott. ‘Next minute, Rhys and his posse (there are too many to name, but thank you) fleshed out and delivered on an outstanding, super informative, mellow training event.”

Rhys understands the drain on talent AND for people to have an opportunity to get hands on with some of the coolest tech in our industry…[so] he invested his time, (action) his equipment (another action) and lent on his connections…to support a cracking day.”

One of these connections included the man that Scott refers to as ‘Trimble weapon’, Sales Application Engineer, Grant Morgan, who wowed the group with a quick demo on the technology day.

“It’s pretty cool to see so many guys with a genuine interest and passion for what I do everyday for “work” I really do believe this technology is changing the industry and the way we work for the better,” says Grant.

Rhys Cooper and the guys from Cooper Civil did a fantastic job putting on a free event to train new operators on Trimble technology and network with others in the industry.”

Watch in the video how Trimble’s Grant Morgan, designs an on the fly, in field road formation in just 70 seconds.

To find out more about how Trimble construction technology can work for your business, contact us.

Trimble launches next generation of paving control for asphalt pavers

Now you can minimize asphalt material waste expenses, optimize rideability results, finish projects on time and budget – with Trimble Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform.

Trimble has launched an automatic screed control system to improve the accuracy and productivity in applications of asphalt paving.

The Trimble Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform enables paving contractors to minimise the waste of expensive asphalt material, achieve optimal rideability results and finish their projects on time and on budget.

It features intuitive, easy-to-learn software built on the Android operating system. The advanced system gives operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before.

Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions General Manager Kevin Garcia said Trimble Roadworks takes paving control to the next level.

“This new platform leverages the intuitive Trimble machine control interface and applies it to asphalt pavers, making it easy to use and learn, and more accessible for many different types of contractors,” he said.

More details in this Inside Construction article.

‘Automatic’ Advantage: R.B. Jergens Gains Productivity with Trimble Earthworks

R.B. Jergens Contractors Ins. put the new Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform to the test on several of its excavators and discuss the exciting results they achieved in a recent ACP’s Construction Digest article.

The new Earthworks platform includes intuitive, easy-to-learn software, is customizable, and allows each operator to personalize the interface to maximize productivity, regardless of his or her experience or skill level.

When the excavator is placed in “autos” or automatics mode, the operator controls the stick, and Trimble Earthworks controls the boom and attachment to stay on grade for a more consistent grade and higher accuracy in less time.

David Reynolds, Surveying Manager with R.B. Jergens talks about the impressive results they achieved across three different jobs using Trimble Eathworks Grade Control including the construction of a 1,0000 foot-long ditch with a very flat profile of about .2 percent.

The R.B. Jergens team also used Trimble Earthworks on a job recently that involved the excavation and testing of prequalified soils in layers at a large gridded site.

Another challenging automatics-enabled excavator project recently was the excavation near a transmission tower for construction of a soil nail retaining wall-  without undermining the integrity of the tower foundation.

In each case, Trimble Earthworks saved the company up to days of time whilst also improving accuracy, and mitigating safety concerns.

Read the full article here

How GPS Rovers Improve Construction Project Management

For Construction Pros speaks to Casey Cyrus, business area manager for site positioning systems at Trimble, world-class developer of GPS positioning technologies to discuss how the ability of technology to accurately measure projects with unprecedented speed is offering contractors new ways to monitor progress and maintain quality control.

A rover is a small GPS receiver with data-collecting, and usually transmitting, capability. Their ability to quickly and inexpensively measure and report work in progress offers contractors unprecedented insights into their production.

*Trimble SPS986 with TSC7

Trimble’s SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna can function as either a rover or base station. Rovers are common where machines are using GPS-assisted grade control, but their speed and accuracy in measuring site features makes them valuable even without grade automation on site.

SITECH Solutions Trimble SPS986 with T10
*Trimble SPS986 with T10

Rovers can be deployed in various ways, including mounted on vehicles to cover more area faster. Trimble’s T10 tablet collects and views site data using the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system, with fast processing and a 10-in. screen for viewing maps and designs, preparing and sharing progress reports.

The data captured and shared is real-time, and it’s accurate – helping construction companies improve productivity, quality and cost control.

Read the full article HERE.

Three Keys to Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry

Construction contractors who are hesitant to implement new technologies into their business will fall behind. Want to lead the pack? Start here.

This For Construction Pros article discusses Three Keys to Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry, saying that construction contractors who are hesitant to implement new technologies into their business will fall behind.

The article talks about ways that construction industry organisations can prepare for and can avoid being overwhelmed by the magnitude of new and emerging technologies.

Access the full For Construction Pros article via our website HERE.

SITECH Solutions Trimble construction technology

Platinum Plant & Haulage Out in Front with Trimble Earthworks.

Australian Earthmoving caught up with Thomas McManaway, Director of Platinum Plant & Haulage, to talk about life, business and his latest addition to Platinum’s growing fleet…a new Kobelco SK350LC-10, which Thomas affectionately refers to as the ‘big girl’ of the fleet.

Kobelco Trimble Earthworks
*The ‘big girl’ of the Platinum fleet – brand new Kobelco SK350LC-10 fitted with Trimble Earthworks

The name Platinum Plant & Haulage reflects the company vision to provide outstanding customer service using state of the art equipment.

“We strive to make sure that we stay at that Platinum status,” Thomas explains. “We stay with quality over quantity; we’re not the biggest earthmoving company out there, but people definitely know who we are – because of the quality of the gear, the operators and, of course, the service.”

Thomas McManaway, Director of Platinum Plant & Haulage
*Thomas McManaway, Director of Platinum Plant & Haulage

Offering such a broad set of machines (and “just about everything you can think of” in terms of attachments) has meant that Platinum has been involved in a similarly wide range of jobs. “We’ve been a part of almost every type of project we could possibly be on,” says Thomas. “Everything from highway upgrades to housing estates, through to… just everything, really.”

Now with 13 operators on the books, all of Platinum’s machines run Trimble Earthworks, which Thomas rates very highly. “It’s so good physically seeing that image in front of you – because it’s on the iPad now. Seeing that 3D design is so much easier and ensures precision excavation.”

Thomas likes the Trimble system for its ease of use and the many benefits it provides him and his clients. “Basically, the surveyor creates the design of what he wants and gives it to us on a USB flash drive. Then we plug it in and the 3D image is projected right in front of you. That gives you a really good idea of what the map has to look like,” he explains. This, Thomas says, not only makes the whole process quicker but also more precise. “When you’re in a 30-tonner and cutting down to 10mm of tolerances, that’s kind of a big thing!”

Kobelco Trimble Earthworks    Kobelco Trimble Earthworks

Access the full story here or read it in the latest edition of Australian Earthmoving Magazine.

SITECH Management of COVID-19 and Business Continuity Plan

At SITECH Solutions, the health and wellbeing of our people, clients and the community is our highest priority.

We are continuing to closely monitor and manage the evolving Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

We are taking every precaution to protect employees and business partners while maintaining our high standards of customer service.

We have specific measures in place to minimise and manage any potential of exposure of our people to Covid-19 whilst undertaking to continue operations and support your business in an uninterrupted manner.

With regards to continuity of supply, SITECH have conducted a full analysis of our current parts inventory. At present we do not anticipate any significant impact on our ability to service your parts requirements specifically related to Covid-19.


Chock-Full of Cool New Features – Trimble Earthworks v2.0 and Earthworks GO!

John Boss and Cameron Clark from Trimble discuss the Earthworks 2.0 machine control platform and its sister product for compact machines Earthworks Go! in this Compact Equipment video.

The Trimble Earthworks 2.0 suite of machine control technologies and modules works on everything from compact track loaders all the way up to big tractor dozers.

It’s chock-full of cool new features, with everything from augmented reality on excavators, horizontal steering on dozers and mastless glade configuration.

Earthworks GO! is specifically designed for compact machine grading attachments, and is taking compact equipment into new applications, reaching new efficiencies never seen before.

SITECH can the system up and running in for you, on any machine, in no time.

Read the full article and watch the video on Compact Equipment.

Letter from The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, Treasurer, to the Construction and Engineering Sectors of NSW

A letter from The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, the Treasurer of NSW to the construction and engineering sectors of NSW highlights the importance of keeping the sectors working to deliver vital infrastructure programs, the major stimulus package to protect the community,  as well as his confidence in the sectors being able to manage the Hazards and Risks of COVID-19.


NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet letter to the construction and engineeri.._[1]

Letter from Treasurer to the Construction and Engineering sectors

NSW Kick-Starts Economy With $7.5bn Project List

The NSW government has unveiled the first tranche of “shovel-ready” projects it says will kick start the state’s lethargic construction pipeline in the wake of Covid-19.

The 24 projects include Malcolm Turnbull’s pet project Snowy Hydro 2.0—a $4.6 billion injection—along with 4,441 new homes and the $1.5 billion redevelopment of the Mt Druitt CBD.

Read the full The Urban Developer article and see a list of the fast-tracked projects HERE.

NSW planning urban developer

Rental Ready at Kangy Angy

SITECH Solutions’ Brendon Vella was recently on site with Civil Movement, small to medium civil project specialist servicing the Central Coast, Newcastle and surrounding area.

Civil Movement were completing works for John Holland on a new rail maintenance facility in Kangy Angy using this Bobcat Track Loader with box blade attachment, fitted with a Trimble GCS900 system and automatic controlled blade.

They hired a Universal Total Station (UTS), a MT900 target and CB460 screen, which allows them to trim with millimetre accuracy.

Regardless of whether you hire or buy, construction technology can be a big investment and a major cost component of any project.

SITECH Solutions provide finance solutions with hire to buy option – a good option to look at to assist with freeing up business cash flow or for those businesses wanting to try before they invest.

We offer:

🏁Latest Trimble technologies

🏁Competitive rates

🏁Superior service

🏁Ongoing support

🏁Flexible terms

🏁Trimble certified training


For a free consultation and quote, call us on +61 2 6788 2155.

Trimble UTS bobcat     

Trimble SiteVision Key to Landing Contracts for Swedish Land Excavation and Construction Company

Trimble recently published a story about Swedish construction company FMT AB’’s experience with SiteVision. One of the things that stood out was the extent to which SiteVision is integrated with the client communication process.

Fredrik Bergstrom, CEO and owner of FMT AB, explains how using augmented reality technology to show clients the deliverable has become integrated into the project.

Fredrik’s forward-thinking implementation of augmented reality for small businesses has led to FMT AB landing contracts that would typically have been awarded to much larger organizations.

Fredrik says that more customers are choosing his company for projects, not because of the price, but because Trimble SiteVision gives them the ability to use 3D modeling to show in the real world exactly what they can deliver for a certain amount of money.

READ the full article and contact us to learn more about how Trimble SiteVision can work for your business.

Trimble SIteVision     

Partnering with Coates Hire to provide Intelligent Compaction

SITECH Solutions has been partnering with Coates Hire, getting their hire machines Major Project Ready!
Here we are at Coates Hire installing Trimble CCS900 on this machine for a contractor who needs it ready for work at the Western Sydney Airport.
Trimble CCS900 Soil Compaction   
Trimble Compaction Control Systems help you roll a more efficient pattern so you can reach target passes and density faster. Intelligent compaction indeed!
The Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System helps you accurately control the compaction process, while reducing unnecessary passes that result in over compaction.
The early detection of unsuitable materials and hidden obstructions can be excavated and re-graded or compacted prior to more costly phases of the construction process. Compaction results are recorded and stored for analysis and generation of documentation deliverables at the end of the project.
But wait, there’s more…
…Compaction Monitoring.
Supervisors and quality managers can monitor compaction activities using the optional in-cab printer or the web-based VisionLink fleet, asset and productivity solution from Trimble
The VisionLink 3D Project Monitoring subscription can be used to:
❗️Continuously monitor pass counts and Compaction Meter Values (CMV) over the entire area and on all material layers
❗️Improve testing success, reduce rework and lower ongoing maintenance costs
❗️Reduce over-compaction to optimize fuel use and machine time
❗️Ensure uniform lift, consistent pass counts and target compaction meter values to increase the surface quality and operational life.
Speak to us today to find out more about Trimble Compaction Control Systems for your soil compactor and how this can work for your business.

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse with Trimble SitePulse

SITECH Solutions recently performed another Trimble SitePulse System installation in a Toyota Prado. We customise vehicle specific no drill dash mounts so that your system is permanently powered and safely mounted.
With Trimble SitePulse Field managers can now access the same 3D constructible models and real-time digital information used by construction surveyors, grade checkers and machine operators.
To solve problems on today’s construction site, field managers need more information than a paper plan can give them. The affordable and easy-to-use Trimble SitePulse System offers field managers access to the same 3D constructible models, GNSS positioning and real-time digital information used by construction surveyors, grade checkers and machine operators on the job site.
Using the Trimble SitePulse System, field managers can:
✔️Make decisions faster, reinforced by accurate documentation
✔️Reduce the dependency on the surveyor by performing simple positioning tasks
✔️Access up-to-date data to support decision-making
✔️Increase production, reduce rework, and document work quality
✔️Improve communications between the field and office by connecting more people on the job site.
Trimble SitePulse keeps field managers, operators and the office all on the same page.

Under the Impression That Repeatable Processes Aren’t for Construction? Think Again

With increasingly complex projects and tighter schedules, standardizing processes is a foundational step toward working faster, smarter and with less risk.

The construction industry has made incredible strides in digital transformation. And while technology has been a key driver of this shift, transformation will not be achieved simply by implementing new technologies, but by improving workflows with repeatable business processes.

As the industry moves down the path to digital transformation, repeatable processes are a key element of a constructible process that optimizes the entire design, build and operate life cycle.

Jon Fingland, General Manager, Collaboration Solutions, Trimble Buildings’ General Contractor/Construction explains in this Construction Executive article:

NOW AVAILABLE Trimble Smart Haul for accurate load/haul payload and productivity measurement

Load/haul operations represent real opportunities to improve material moved per shift, lower cost per ton moved and accelerate mass haul operations.

With Trimble Smart Haul, you can track productivity and progress of load/haul operations to ensure you are on target to achieve your goals.

Smart Haul combines payload data from the excavator scale with haul fleet monitoring and cloud reporting to identify opportunities to move material with greater speed and efficiency.

The system is almost completely automated with only minimal interaction from the excavator operator. Payload is automatically assigned to each truck, and GPS tracking monitor truck movements, so operators can focus on other tasks and you can trust data accuracy.


  • Accurate visibility of haul operations
  • Optimized payload on every truck
  • Lower and more consistent cycle times
  • Unscheduled downtime and project delays reduced
  • Cycles matched to primary crusher demand
  • Lower idle times
  • Lower cost per tonne moved
  • Improved overall production
  • Improve haul safety with driver alerts and reporting

plus much, more – watch the video for the full details and contact us today to learn more.

Mid-Western Regional Council to Compact Waste Using Less Space with Trimble CCS 900

SITECH Solutions’ Ryan Van Arkkels and Peter Hoy were recently onsite at Mid-Western Regional Council’s waste management facility to fit a Trimble CCS900 cab mounted compaction control system with VisionLink to their TANA E320 landfill compactor.

Mid-Western Regional Council will use the system to track the compaction of the landfill portion of their waste management facility .

The Trimble CCS 900 compaction control system is a landfill solution that enables you to compact more waste using less space.

You can get to target compaction faster, with greater accuracy and less fuel cost; without the added time and expense of stakes and survey crews. It can help you lower operating costs, increase productivity and lengthen the life of the landfill.

Trimble CCS900 delivers real-time guidance, elevation, cut and fill mapping, and compaction information to the cab of the machine, giving operators the information they need to maximize compaction and spreading efficiency, resulting in optimum densities and airspace utilization on the landfill site.

VisionLink reporting takes this data and allows it to be reported on back in the office where it can be used for upcoming planning and quality assurance reporting.

Compact more waste using less space with Trimble machine control systems for dozers, four-drum compactors and motor graders.

Contact us to find out more

TANA Trimble CCS900 Visionlink Mid West Regional Council landfill    TANA Trimble CCS900 Visionlink Mid West Regional Council landfill

TANA Trimble CCS900 Visionlink Mid West Regional Council landfill     TANA Trimble CCS900 Visionlink Mid West Regional Council landfill

Trimble Earthworks for Excavators – Augmented Reality Camera

Trimble Earthworks for Excavators – featuring Augmented Reality Camera. What’s not to love??! 😍

🚩Your real worksite…

🚩Live on display…

🚩Your design topology…

🚩Overlaid on your worksite…

🚩Site conditions clearly in view…

🚩Ultimate guidance…

🚩Just TOO easy…‼️

Contact us today to find out more.

Unleashing the power of survey control with Trimble TSC7

Trimble TSC7 Controller, which is a field solution for land and civil construction surveyors, is in a league of its own. It has a specialized software that makes it easier for mobile workers to collect and compute data.

Designed on customer feedback, TSC7 has some really powerful enhancements. It supports an interactive, user-friendly tablet experience with a physical keyboard and a seven-inch touchscreen. It also has two cameras — front and rear — that provide the option of video conferencing, capturing HD videos and adding an important context.

The Trimble TSC7 is redefining surveying

“Today’s surveyors are managers of geospatial intelligence,” says Ron Bisio, Vice-President, Trimble Geospatial. “Data has more depth and complexity than ever before, and surveyors’ reputation depends on transforming that data into valuable, reliable information for their clients. The TSC7 and Access 2018 form the new backbone of our field solutions ecosystem and give our users a leading edge to be data experts,” Bisio adds.

For civil engineering and construction, along with TSC7, Trimble also has two new rover systems: Trimble Siteworks Positioning System for construction surveyors and the Trimble Siteworks Positioning System for supervisors.

“Siteworks gives customers the ability to work with larger, more complex 3D datasets more effectively in the field,” says Scott Crozier, General Manager, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “Powerful hardware, intuitive software and the latest advances in site positioning technology from Trimble prepare contractors for the future of 3D construction,” Crozier explains.

Read the full article here in

Trimble TSC7

Trimble UTS provides a solution on challenging sites

SITECH Solutions Jye Gregory and Matt Leonard were recently out on WPL Civil’s jobsite – a housing estate development in Macksville, south of Coffs Harbour.

WPL Civil’s Hitachi Zaxis 225US zero tail swing needed to run Trimble 3D Earthworks Grade Control for Excavators with 1.11.0 firmware to allow the use of Trimble UTS.

The Trimble UTS system was required instead of GPS on the excavator on this particular site as they are operating under trees and with very minimal phone service. In such challenging conditions the Trimble UTS Is more accurate whilst GPS struggles with multipath.

“The customer wanted the machine running on UTS due to trees they’re working under,” explains Matt. “It’s fairly easy to set up, however the system must be at 1.10 or 1.11.

Once that’s done the option to switch to single UTS right or left becomes available.”

Providing the highest possible degree of accuracy for construction site positioning, stakeout, measurement and machine control, you can use Trimble UTS for:
· Smaller construction sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
· Tasks where the accuracy requirements are very tight: 3 millimeters (0.01 feet)
· Measuring dangerous or inaccessible locations
· High precision machine control and guidance
· Reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings and structures
· Layout of structures, foundations, caissons and piles
· Tunnel measurement
· As-built records and grade checks on laid material

Contact us today for more info

About WPL Civil

WPL Civil Pty Ltd is a privately-owned family company based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. A civil contracting company who specialise in the construction of small to large community infrastructure projects, WPL Civil expertise includes road construction, subdivision construction,, bulk earthworks, drainage installation, concrete pavement, kerb and gutter, landscaping, clearing and grubbing, water/ sewerage reticulation and plant hire.

D&M Excavating Completes Site Work with One Machine Instead of Two Using Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform

Site contractor uses Trimble Earthworks for Montgomery County Fairgrounds site work, reducing dozer use significantly, cutting operating costs and getting to grade faster 


Customer Profile: Located outside of Dayton, Ohio, D&M Excavating delivers excavation and site development work for commercial and residential customers. Site work includes mass excavation, site grading and finish grading. From road construction projects to multi-family and plat developments, D&M Excavating is committed to site development excellence and premium customer service.

Business Challenge

D&M Excavating was looking to improve its excavation and grading productivity and machine utilization to reduce costs and complete jobs more quickly.


Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System and Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform


  • Cut dozer use significantly– Reduced reliance on dozer on fairgrounds project, significantly reducing fuel costs, cutting machine wear and tear and freeing up the dozer for other tasks and projects
  • Significant productivity gains during mass excavation and fine grading– With a 3D view of the project and grade progress inside the cab, operator doesn’t have to rely on stakes or grade checker to dig to correct depths
  • Demonstrates competitive advantage– Reaching grade more quickly and with less rework keeps projects moving forward and on schedule, which is appealing to general contractors and owners
  • Potential for big savings for pipe work– D&M purchased Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for its new excavator for pipe work for greater grading productivity at a lower cost


Trimble Earthworks Grade Control on job site     

🚩🚩Coronavirus Budget Stimulus

The Government is backing businesses to invest to help the economy withstand & recover from the economic impact of Coronavirus. The 2 business investment measures in this package are to assist Australian businesses and economic growth in the short-term, & encourage a stronger economic recovery following the Coronavirus outbreak.

These measures will support over 3.5 million businesses (over 99 per cent of businesses) with aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million employing more than 9.7 million employees.



The Government is increasing the instant asset write-off (IAWO) threshold from $30,000 to $150,000 & expanding access to include all businesses with aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million (up from $50 million) until 30 June 2020.

-The IAWO threshold

The higher IAWO threshold provides cash flow benefits for businesses that will be able to immediately deduct purchases of eligible assets each costing less than $150,000. The threshold applies on a per asset basis, so eligible businesses can immediately write-off multiple assets.

The IAWO is due to revert to $1,000 for small businesses (turnover less than $10 million) from 1 July 2020.


The annual turnover threshold for businesses is increasing from $50 million to $500 million.



A time limited 15 month investment incentive to support business investment & economic growth, by accelerating depreciation deductions.

-Key features:

  • benefit — deduction of 50% of the cost of an eligible asset on installation, with existing depreciation rules applying to the balance of the asset’s cost;
  • eligible businesses —aggregated turnover below $500 million; &
  • eligible assets — new assets that can be depreciated under Division 40 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (i.e. plant, equipment & specified intangible assets, such as patents) acquired after announcement & first used or installed by 30 June 2021.


Businesses with aggregated turnover below $500 million, purchasing certain new depreciable assets.


corona virus budget stimulus

Trimble Takes Construction Machine Control to the Next Level

Groundbreaking New Features and Industry-Firsts in Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform Version 2.0

Trimble announced today Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0 with groundbreaking new features for all machine types, along with the release of the Trimble Earthworks Assistant App for in-cab learning material. These improvements are designed to enable faster ROI, increase productivity and decrease training time for operators.

A first in the construction industry, Horizontal Steering Control for dozers automatically controls the machine to follow any horizontal alignment such as a back of a curb, breakline, roadway centerline or bottom of slope, without operator assistance.

Another first, Augmented Reality for excavators enables users to easily understand 3D models, cut/fill information, slope data and other bench points and reference points on the in-cab display in context, without the need to interpret complex 2D plans or stakes.

A new mastless motor grader configuration gives operators an improved range of blade motion, allowing for machine control in applications where it was previously not possible.

Integrated Trimble LOADRITE® Payload Management displays grade control and accurate payload data on one screen, increasing mass haul productivity and efficiency by preventing underloading, and improving safety by avoiding overloading. Contractors can maximize their investment in Trimble Earthworks by leveraging the versatility of these added options.

Trimble Earthworks is also now available for compact grading attachments with dual GNSS, single GNSS and total station guidance options.

The announcement was made at ConExpo 2020, North America’s largest trade show for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

Horizontal Steering Control for Dozers

Horizontal Steering Control allows the operator to focus on the grade and machine productivity rather than worrying about steering, reducing operator fatigue and errors. It enables the machine to follow the horizontal guidance from the 3D model, providing operators increased awareness of their surroundings, better accuracy and improved productivity with decreased overlap and fewer passes.

“Trimble is on the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology along the path to automation,” said Scott Crozier, vice president, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction. ‘Using proven steering technology from Trimble Agriculture, we are continuing to advance construction machine control yet again.”

Mastless Motor Grader 

Trimble Earthworks for motor graders mastless configuration mounts one GNSS receiver on the cab and one on the gooseneck of the machine to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade. Mastless GNSS receivers are ideal for the blade’s maximum range of motion, which is needed for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances. The new configuration enables contractors to decrease risk of damage to the machine, keep valuable receivers safer as well as reduce the time needed to remove and reinstall them each day.

Augmented Reality for Excavators

Augmented Reality was first released in the Trimble SiteVision™ system and is now available on excavators with Trimble Earthworks. Using a camera mounted on the outside of the machine, operators can view 3D models in a real-world environment at a true-life scale, in the context of existing surroundings. On the Trimble Earthworks display, the model is overlaid onto the existing ground giving the operator a better understanding of the work that needs to be done. Visibility of the bucket gives operators better situational awareness to be able to keep surrounding people and objects safe.

“With the intersection of physical and digital worlds, Trimble is empowering contractors to accelerate their business,” said Cameron Clark, business area manager, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction. “Augmented Reality simplifies complex concepts by allowing users to see a blend of digital content and real-world environments.”

Earthworks Assistant App

Trimble now has an easier way to access critical Earthworks learning material and documentation, allowing for a shorter learning curve and less downtime for operators. This stand-alone app consolidates and simplifies access to training guides and videos inside and outside of the cab. The Earthworks Assistant App makes it easy to learn and troubleshoot using an Android cell phone, even from remote sites.


Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0, including integrated LOADRITE Payload Management, mastless motor grader for select Cat® motor graders and Augmented Reality for excavators is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020 through the worldwide SITECH® distribution channel. Horizontal Steering Control for dozers is expected to be available in the second half of 2020 through the worldwide SITECH distribution channel. Mastless motor grader, Augmented Reality for excavators and Horizontal Steering Control for dozers will require additional hardware and software purchases. The Trimble Earthworks Assistant App is available for download at no charge from the Google Play Store.

For more information, contact us today.

Access the Trimble Press Release here.

mastless motor grader
*A new mastless motor grader configuration gives operators an improved range of blade motion.

Onsite Training for M.J. Excavations – All Part of the Service

SITECH Solutions – PEOPLE & TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN RELY ON. SITECH Solutions Support Brendon Vella was recently out on Fulton Hogan’s Albion Park Bypass jobsite conducting some training for subcontractor Mark O’Henoja of M.J. Excavations & Demolitions.

M.J. Excavations & Demolitions purchased a Trimble Universal Total Station (UTS) kit to allow its grader to be able to complete finishing of roads to millimetre accuracy, quickly and efficiently.

Brendon trained Mark firstly on how to set up his total station on the job site with his controller, and then on connecting the total station to the grader.

“With the UTS ready and set up onsite, we then ran though how to start up the machine control system and grade using UTS,” Brendon explains.

Trimble UTS lead the industry in accuracy, range and reliability for fine grading, paving, stockpile scanning and site measurements.

Providing the highest possible degree of accuracy for construction site positioning, stakeout, measurement and machine control, you can use UTS for:

• Smaller construction sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
• Tasks where the accuracy requirements are very tight: 3 millimeters (0.01 feet)
• Measuring dangerous or inaccessible locations
• High precision machine control and guidance
• Reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings and structures
• Layout of structures, foundations, caissons and piles
• Tunnel measurement
• As-built records and grade checks on laid material


M.J Excavations & Demolition handle all aspects of earthmoving and demolition work including earthworks, driveways, site clean ups, rubbish removals, under road boring, horizontal directional drilling, house paths, pit installations and trenching work.


First CAT 150 in NSW with Single Mast Trimble Earthworks, running GNSS and UTS

Check out these photos taken by SITECH Solutions’ Operations Co-ordinator Kevin Lawler after fitting Boxtrim Earthmoving Contractors’ CAT 150 Grader with a Single Mast Trimble Earthworks system, running both GNSS and UTS.
An established earthmoving business, Boxtrim Earthmoving Contractors specialise in road construction, land clearing, dam construction and erosion control as well as providing water tanker and side tipper hire.
Theirs is the first new CAT 150 grader in NSW to be fitted with the Single Mast Earthworks system, running both GNSS and UTS, an installation which will result in greater convenience as well as increased flexibility, reliability of the machine.
The team at SITECH knows how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve your biggest construction challenges.
For more info contact us today.

Angelo Cerullo, Canberra Contractors, Demonstrates Trimble SiteVision

Angelo Cerullo, director of Canberra Contractors is so excited about his involvement with the new Trimble SiteVision, that he wanted to share this video of the pioneering augmented reality solution in action.

Here he is on site on one of their Australian Capital Territory (ACT) subdivisions, demonstrating how Trimble SiteVision augmented reality makes it possible for you to walk from the construction site into the virtual completed site.

With Trimble SiteVision you can –

📍Take a walk through your job site and visualize:

– Conceptual designs, from buildings to roads, as they might appear in real life

– What lies beneath the ground or resides inside walls, such as water pipes and electrical services

📍Provide real world context to your designs:⠀

– Communicate complicated plans and drawings

– Precisely identify where concealed assets are

– Minimize costly errors and safety related incidents

– Simply upload your data, visualize and manipulate it in the field, and report back to the office—all through the Trimble Cloud.


Established in 1983, Canberra Contractors has grown from a small local company to a well-established Civil Contractor in the Capital Region.

Canberra Contractors undertakes a full range of construction activities from intricate small-scale projects to large government infrastructure works.

The strengths of the business are founded on highly experienced staff and extensive capability to resource projects.

Canberra Contractors is a forerunner in the development and implementation of new construction methods and innovations.

Known as an industry leader in geospatial technology, with a wide-ranging fleet of machines outfitted with the latest technology, Canberra Contractors is a results driven organisation as evidenced by past and present performance.

Official Welcome to the Team to Jacob and Pete

We would like to say a BIG congratulations to Jacob Bornholdt (L) and Peter Huy (R) on completing their traineeship and officially becoming full time employees of SITECH Solutions.
We’re so happy to welcome you to the team guys. And by the looks of the photo here, Pete and Jacob are pretty happy too!
SITECH Solutions is taking on trainees as part of one of the company’s community initiatives centring around youth development and employment.
Pete and Jacob were the first hires as part of this new SITECH Solutions Traineeship programme.
The traineeship is for 1 year and as part of this the boys also undertake a Certificate II in Automotive and Electrical Engineering through TAFE NSW.
We welcome Pete and Jacob officially to the team and look forward to watching them progress in their careers with SITECH Solutions.
If you are interested in working with the most reliable and rugged construction technology available today, we have opportunities in sales, service & repair, installation, and support & training.
To learn more about career opportunities at SITECH Solutions, contact us.

Trimble Earthworks, Siteworks and GNSS Smart Antennas make it onto Construction Equipment’s Top 100 New Products List!

Construction Equipment’s Top 100 New Products is the longest-running awards program of its kind in the industry. Each year, the editors of Construction Equipment evaluate products introduced over previous months and choose the most innovative using four criteria: A Top Product is an advancement in technology, a new product line, offers significant improvements to existing products, or increases competition in its field.

See the full list of Construction Equipment’s Top 100 New Products HERE.

Read more about Earthworks and Siteworks HERE and GNSS Smart Antennas HERE.


SITECH Solutions – People and technology you can rely on.

SITECH Solutions’ Jeff Bowd recently provided two weeks full-time technical support to one of our valued customers Fulton-Hogan, working night shift as part of their team on the re-shaping and re-asphalting of Woodbridge Road, Manangle.

Jeff provided this onsite project-based technical support following the install of Trimble PCS 900 paving control on one of Fulton Hogan’s pavers.

From Trimble machine control systems to site positioning systems and construction office software – with SITECH you will find the right support, knowledge and experience to increase your productivity and profitability through the use of powerful and connected technology.


Automatically pave to a design with Trimble PCS900.

Trimble paving control enables automatic screed control for level and grade, paving to a design that has been loaded in by the operator.

This video shows one of Fulton Hogan’s pavers running automatically in this manner.

The Trimble PCS900 system leverages the Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station, MT900 Machine Target and on-board software to compare the actual screed position and slope with the 3D digital design. It automatically guides the screed to lay exactly the right material thickness and slope.

Trimble Paving Control Systems can help you:

  • Lay the finished surface with accuracy to 0.01 feet (3 millimeters)
  • Minimize use of expensive material
  • Pave within a tighter tolerance and get closer to the minimal asphalt thickness specification
  • Reduce labor costs by controlling the screed with one operator
  • Eliminate operator mistakes with the easy-to-use display interface
  • Lay complex designs such as transitions, super-elevated curves and frequently changing cross slopes
  • Achieve accuracy and smoothness specifications, which can mean a bigger bonus

Contact us to find out more about Trimble Paving Control

Five Trends Driving Digital Transformation in 2020

Keeping up with technology and trends is critical for success, so which ones will dominate the construction industry in 2020?
Check out the top five trends set to drive Digital Transformation this year in this Construction Executive article written by Eric Harris, Strategic Communications Manager at Trimble. 
As the construction industry enters a new era of digital transformation, these technologies and trends will play a key role in enabling seamless workflows and increased collaboration that will continue to move the construction industry forward towards more optimal levels of productivity and efficiency.
👨‍💻Read the full article in Construction Executive HERE

Another First for SITECH.  First Dual Mast Trimble Earthworks Grader System in NSW

Check out this drone footage of the very first dual mast Earthworks grader system in NSW installed by us for Craig McKeon Earthmoving. Based in Hillston, a township in western New South Wales on the banks of the Lachlan River, this Caterpillar 160M will be used mainly for road reconstruction for local councils across the region. You can also make more progress and fewer waves with Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for motor graders. The Trimble Earthworks for graders helps operators of all levels leave a quality surface in their tracks.  Now you can leave a finished grade the first time, every time. This latest release in the Earthworks family is more than future forward. It’s fast forward. The next generation system has blade-mounted receivers, familiar Android™ UI, and friendly 10-inch touch screen that cuts the learning curve, improves operator capabilities and gives you a first-pass finish that’s second to none. To find out more about Trimble Earthworks for graders contact us.

Successfully Evolving Beyond the Scale

Onboard loader scales continue to optimise payloads and empower operators. They add value with features that improve site safety, decision making, productivity and customer service. This article in @pitandquarry talks about how solutions such as Trimble Loadrite are allowing quarry and mining ops crews to work safer and smarter. Access the full article HERE.


Trimble CEC Technical Experience and Training Days

Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction Division have held a series of Invitation Only Technical Experience and Training Days over the past two weeks. A big thanks goes to Trimble for the great job organising these hugely successful days; and also to the OEMS, customers and to the SITECH Solutions team members who attended. The days followed one of two formats – the first being exclusively for Civil Construction Contractors and the second format was designed exclusively for Machine Equipment Sales Professionals on Civil Construction Technology. The training took place in the Hunter Valley at the HPOTS Training Centre and consisted of a day of classroom and hands-on demonstrations.

This video below shows a first time operator is able to grade within a 10mm tolerance with Trimble Earthworks at the training day.

The objective of the Technical Experience and Training Days was to provide attendees with the holistic Trimble Experience, with the aim being to allow the customers to spend plenty of time on the machines and with our application engineers. The days were extremely effective in giving the attendees a bit of knowledge and confidence in our systems and some hands-on experience on the machines.


Just announced: Trimble, Hilti and Boston Dynamics to explore the use of autonomous robots in construction.

Hilti and Boston Dynamics announced today a collaboration to explore the integration of Trimble’s and Hilti’s construction management software solutions, GNSS technology and reality capture devices with Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot platform. Autonomous robots can play a significant role in construction, specifically in production and quality control workflows by enabling automation of routine and tedious tasks, reducing workload and improving safety. “Utilizing robots for routine tasks in hazardous environments to improve safety, efficiency, and data capture consistency is part of our digital transformation vision” said Aviad Almagor, senior director for Mixed Reality and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) at Trimble. “We are excited for this latest collaboration and looking forward to the potential integration of our hardware and software solutions with the Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot to enhance field-oriented workflows, reduce amount of rework and facilitate on-site tasks.” “Trimble’s and Hilti’s domain knowledge, market leadership and technologies are a great fit for our robotic platform,” said Michael Perry, vice president of Business Development at Boston Dynamics. “Deploying an integrated solution in the real-world environment doing dirty and dangerous work, before, during and after the construction stage is a common vision for the three companies, which can help drive the transformation of the construction industry.” Read the full press release here and watch the video to meet Atlas, just one member of the Boston Dynamics family of robots.

You can be the Ultimate Prize Winner with Trimble SiteVision!

Which of these men are worth of the title ‘Trimble SiteVision Champion’??! Welcome to the Trimble SiteVision 100, made possible by the incredible outdoor augmented reality system Trimble SiteVision. Now you can bring spatial data to life to easily visualize complex information with unrivalled accuracy, right from your mobile device. With Trimble SiteVision, you too can be the ultimate prizewinner.

Rental Ready 🏁

SITECH Solutions has Trimble Universal Total Station systems ready for hire, just like the one we photographed here in the midst of set up. All Dunn Excavations hired the system from SITECH which we set up onsite on their Cat 140M grader for a warehouse construction project in Penrith.  Trimble UTS systems lead the industry in accuracy, range and reliability for fine grading, paving, stockpile scanning and site measurements.  From initial site measurements to finished grading, Trimble UTS let you take control of your site measurement, stakeout, and machine control requirements and eliminate the daily need for contract surveyors.


In addition to Trimble UTS systems, SITECH Solutions has a complete range of Trimble products for hire to complete any job.

We offer:
🏁Latest equipment
🏁Competitive rates
🏁Superior service
🏁Ongoing support

🏁Flexible terms

  We can: 🏁Provide you with the latest Trimble technologies 🏁Install and uninstall your equipment 🏁Provide Trimble Certified training 🏁All our equipment is serviced by our qualified technicians and all equipment runs the latest software, giving you the reliability you need on the job site. Regardless of whether you hire it or buy it, construction technology can be a big investment and a major cost component of any project. When it comes to construction technology, there are many factors to consider and many questions to ask in order to finding the best approach for your business.  But don’t feel overwhelmed, we are here to help. For a free consultation and quote, contact us on +61 2 6788 2155 today.

Catastrophic Bushfires Surge Through NSW and QLD

In the face of what is set to become the most dangerous week of bushfires in the nation’s history, our thoughts are with those affected by the devastation and the fire and emergency services that have been working relentlessly around the clock. Despite the southerly change that roared through Sydney last night, Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the state was far from out of the woods with hot, dry and windy conditions predicted for Friday and over the weekend. “We’ve really got a long way to go,” Commissioner Fitzsimmons said. “You can guarantee we’re not going to be able to get around all of these fires before the next wave of bad weather. “Unfortunately there’s no meaningful reprieve. There’s no rainfall in this change and we’re going to continue to have warm dry conditions dominating in the days and weeks ahead. You can help by donating to the Red Cross as they continue to provide relief for those affected by disasters, emergencies, conflicts or crises.

SO EASY to Use!  SITECH Solutions Talks Earthworks GO!

SITECH Solutions Sales Manager Grant Hibburd talks Earthworks GO! to Earthmoving Equipment Magazine at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo earlier this year. Trimble Earthworks GO! 🚩Trimble’s next generation grade control system for local contractors. Built from the ground up, Earthworks GO! delivers exactly what you need and installs in minutes. Mount the GO! Box. Plug it in. Power it up. It’s that simple. Ultra portable and intuitive Earthworks GO! Provides high accuracy performance in all common grading applications such as pads, parking lots, sports fields, landscaping and more. It also works across your entire fleet of attachments for compact track and skid steer loaders. Earthworks GO! was built for contractors like you, providing the quality end results you’d expect from Trimble anywhere you work. This is just one of the ways Trimble is transforming the way the world works. Contact us today to LEARN MORE:-

Trimble Machine Control Solves Every Day Challenges, and in 3D!

When no design is available… This video is a great example of how operators are using Trimble machine control to solve every day challenges, and in 3D! Cooper Civil has Trimble machine control running on their 323 Next Generation Caterpillar Excavator.  With next generation infield designs they have the ability to build 3D designs on the fly. Using his bucket, the operator in the video maps the outline of the sump, then drops in a x-section to create batters and the floor. Less than a minute to create, hours saved!! To find out how Trimble machine control can work for your business contact us today  

  ABOUT COOPER CIVIL From its inception in 2015 Cooper Civil has sustained steady growth in the civil construction industry, now having contracts across major projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. With a modern fleet of GPS equipped CAT excavators, positive safety culture and a flexible approach to work methods and client requirements, Cooper Civil has transformed into the highly reputable plant hire company it is today. Cooper Civil shows a keen interest in new industry technology and has worked closely with plant manufacturers in the refinement of integrated GPS systems. The business strives to stand out amongst its peers as an industry leading  provider of precision earthworks solutions. With a desire to continuously improve work methodologies, Cooper Civil believes that advancements in equipment technology will help to accomplish this whilst resulting in a much safer and sustainable working environment for all.

Improve Marine Construction Productivity with Trimble Marine Construction Software

3D visualization systems like Trimble Marine Construction Software are improving marine construction productivity. As the global economy continues to improve and populations advance in the coastal areas around the world, the demand for commercial dredging services and effective marine construction capabilities are increasing at a steady pace. To help improve accuracy and efficiency, marine contractors are using marine construction visualization systems, which can also aid the speed of dredging, piling placement and surveying workflows. These new tools allow operators to ‘see’ the design and the dredge tool in real-time, relative to the waterway bed, all from an on-board display inside the cab. These systems provide precise measurement, positioning capabilities and 3D visualization to improve marine construction productivity, efficiency and safety. Applications for today’s marine construction visualization software include projects such as dredging, monopole/caisson placements, building breakwaters, piling for wharfs/piers, rock dumping, and excavating, as well as hydrographic applications such as surveys, or tracking dredge progress. Read the full article from International Dredging

Trimble Releases New Marine Construction Software

We are excited to announce that Trimble has released its new Trimble Marine Construction Software for Positioning that provides contractors with the ability to perform their own pre-/post-construction hydrographic surveys. Read more about it in International Dredging Review here 👉

Lift Accuracy of Over 99% with Trimble Loadrite Payload Management

SITECH Solutions recently installed a Trimble Loadrite Payload management system on one of Jeffsan Excavations Kobelco SK350 excavators. Here’s a photo of the machine working on the initial earthworks phase of construction of a nursing home in Penhurst. Jeffsan Excavations is an earthworks and heavy haulage business, specialising in small to large projects such as demolition, bulk earthworks, detail earthworks, car parks, road works and remediation works. They invested in the Trimble Loadrite Payload management system and reporting software in order to increase profitability, maximize productivity, operational efficiency and improve control of inventory. In a routine visit to Jeffsan last week, SITECH Solutions Brendon Vella calibrated the new Loadrite system and captured a couple of photos, including the one below that nicely illustrates it at work. Brendon explains; “This may look like a standard shot, but the significance of this photo is that the bucket is loaded with exactly 3 tonne. I lifted the weighted bucket 3 times to add a total of 9 tonne. The Loadrite system calculated the lifts at 8.980kgs, just 20kg under the known weight, giving the system a lift accuracy of over 99%!!” Lift accuracy of over 99%!!! Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform allows you to maximize your machine control investment with integrated payload management. You can now easily track how much weight is in each bucket and how much weight has been added to a cycle. Features and Benefits: ▶︎ Increase Efficiency and Decrease Cost ▶︎ Track bucket-by-bucket payload and monitor mass haul progress from the same powerful Trimble Earthworks display ▶︎ Intuitive, easy-to-use software design gives operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive ▶︎ Manage subcontractors, track and monitor loading of trucks and tons moved ▶︎ Weigh in motion with dynamic weighing ▶︎ Maximize tonnes per litre and minimize fuel usage of excavators and trucks ▶︎ Versatility on the jobsite ▶︎ Using Trimble Earthworks advanced sensor technology, contractors can now view accurate, bucket-by-bucket payload information without installing a separate weighing system. The Trimble® LOADRITE™ range includes of front end loader scales, excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, reach stacker scales, payload reporting, tractor scales, forklift scales, refuse truck scales and tire monitoring systems. To learn more about how Trimble Loadrite Payload Management can work for your business, contact us today.

 SITECH Solutions Named World’s Top 15 Construction Technology Youtube Channels To Follow

We’re proud to announce that SITECH Solutions has been named one of the world’s Top 15 Construction Technology Youtube Channels To Follow by Feedspot.   See the full list here:> SITECH Solutions is your local Trimble dealer and is fast becoming recognised globally as a leading source of industry knowledge and expertise in the field of construction technology. So if you’re not already following – start following us today! ▶︎Find our YouTube channel – search for SITECH Solutions ▶︎ Subscribe to our monthly newsletter the latest in Trimble Technology through customer stories, product releases, software updates, industry insights, support information, offers and more ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Follow us on: ▶︎Facebook: @SITECHsolutionsnsw ▶︎Instagram: @sitechsolutions ▶︎Twitter: @SITECHNSW ▶︎YouTube: SITECH Solutions ▶︎Linkedin: @SITECH Solutions

Trimble WorksManager is here!

Now you can spend more time managing and less time driving from jobsite to jobsite. Trimble WorksManager is the data hub connecting civil contractors to the critical information they need to get the job done right the first time. It connects everyone on the construction project from the site manager through to operator, on any device, from wherever they are, bringing civil contractors the critical information they need in an instant. With the audit trail feature, the site manager knows exactly who did what, when, and where; every step of the way.  And if something isn’t right, it can be taken care of then and there, without leaving your desk. WorksManager by Trimble simplifies the management process, so that the job is finished on time and on budget. Adopting WorksManager is easy – contact us for more information or read more here – 

Ledacon chooses Trimble GCS 900 with 3D automatics

It’s a big thumbs up from Kevin Lawler, SITECH Solutions’ Operation Coordinator – ACT & Southern NSW, as he sits in the cab of this 850J John Deere Dozer and admires his handiwork. Kevin was recently onsite in Farmborough Heights, Woollongong with SITECH’S ACT Install / Support Technician Duncan Ogilvie,to install a Trimble GCS 900 with 3D automatics for Ledacon Civil Construction Contractors. Ledacon is a medium sized civil construction company located in the Illawarra area that carries out a wide range of work, including concrete construction, asphalt pavement construction, stormwater drainage, excavation and retaining walls. The newly kitted up dozer can seen here working for Ledacon on initial earthworks for a subdivision. The GCS900 Grade Control System is a cutting-edge earthmoving grade control system that puts design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab. The system uses GPS, GPS and laser, or construction total station technology to accurately position the blade or bucket in real time, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving the contractor’s productivity and profitability The introduction of Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System 3D Automatic Control has been one of the most revolutionary changes in the way earthworks are performed. Trimble GCS900 is extremely flexible and can be used on excavators, dozers, motor graders, compactors, scrapers, trimmers, and milling machines. You may purchase the GSC900 outright or as an upgrade from a GCS600 Grade Control System. And with its CAN-based design, the GCS900 can be easily moved from machine to machine, as needed. Speak to our team to find out more about how Trimble GCS 900 can work for your business.


Trimble Earthworks GO! One of the TOP 50 New Products of the Year!

Trimble Earthworks GO! has been named as one of 2019 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products: in a list of 50 Profit-enhancing Opportunities for Construction Fleets.

The Contractors’ Top 50 New Products offer a glimpse into what other fleet owners and managers perceive as top opportunities to grow their business. Each year, the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products — hosted by Equipment Today and — showcases the new equipment and products that construction equipment owners and end users identify as the most interesting and intriguing. Recipients of the awards are determined based on page views and inquiries on the web portal on the new units featured in the magazine over a 12-month period. The Trimble Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform is a 2D grade control solution for compact machine grading attachments that enables high-accuracy grading in an easy-to-use, portable platform.


The 2D grade control solution features iOS and Android compatibility that allows operators to use their smartphone as the primary machine interface. It’s a dedicated system designed to support the needs of smaller sites and projects. With simple set up and installation, Trimble Earthworks GO! is the perfect solutions for today’s local contractors.

Earthworks GO! enables you to quickly add laser-guided machine control on a grading attachment to get to fine grade faster and more accurately.

Read the full article in For Construction Pros HERE and more about Trimble EarthworksGO! 

Speak to our team today to find out more.

Take the Guesswork out of Earthworks with Trimble Construction Technology

Great capture of SITECH Solutions’ Jacob Bornholdt as he wires in a tilt bucket sensor at Casula Caterpillar on a Cat 336 Next-Gen Excavator for Daracon.             

Hydraulically operated, tilt buckets add to a machine’s contour grading capability by being able to angle 45 degrees from vertical to the right and left sides. This adds greater versatility on jobs requiring slope cutting or precision in final grading and can also reduce the need for a finish pass by a motor grader or track type tractor. Designed to work on tasks including conventional excavation in low impact environments such as top soils, loams and clay, tilt buckets are ideal for irrigation or ditch construction and cleaning tasks, and civil construction or landscaping tasks.

Tilt buckets can also add flexibility on confined space job sites and work seamlessly with Trimble Grade Control Technology such as the Trimble Earthworks system. Trimble Earthworks provides visual positioning guidance for the operator in the cab on screen, adding greater efficiency, speed and accuracy to digging and grading tasks.

The operator can see the machine pitch and roll, set a target cross slope and see the actual bucket angle with an optional tilt sensor fitted. Take the guesswork out of earthworks with construction technology from Trimble.

Work smarter, faster and more profitably with highly productive, integrated and innovative solutions for the complete job site to keep you on track. Contact us today to learn more

Trimble SiteVision for Civil Construction

Trimble SiteVision is a high accuracy augmented reality system designed to bring your data to life. It enables users to easily understand designs, existing underground services and how future landscapes will look over time, without the need to interpret drawings or maps. With SiteVision, you can now view this data in true life scale, in the context of existing surroundings.

  • Information is presented in augmented reality view and can be reviewed from any angle or position on-site
  • Easily share complex designs between office and field via Trimble Connect

Trimble SiteVision Benefits:

  • See what you can’t see: the existing underground infrastructure
  • See the future: what the new construction looks like against the existing environment
  • Empower users: interpret spatial data easily
  • Improve understanding: collaborate on designs ons-te and in context.

The Trimble SiteVision high accuracy hand-held augmented reality system takes data visualisation outdoors, providing an innovative way to visually explore and understand complex information. For more info, check out the video below and contact Rhys Geerligs  on e: or t: 02 6788 2155.

Trimble’s New High-Accuracy Handheld Augmented Reality System Takes Data Visualization Outdoors

Trimble SiteVision is here.
Trimble SiteVision provides an innovative way to visually explore and understand complex information.
Read the Trimble Press Release for more information:

 SITECH Solutions Presents Worldwide First – the only Caterpillar 825H Compactor with Auto Blade Control and VisionLink Reporting

You are looking at a worldwide first. SITECH Solutions presents the only Caterpillar 825H Compactor in the world with automated blade control and VisionLink Reporting!     This is a great example of SITECH Solutions creating one-off customised solutions in order to meet the unique needs of our customers. The customised GCS 900 system was designed by SITECH specifically for this Cat to perfect automatic blade control. Automating the blade allows the machine to place material accurately to grade, reducing the need for a grader to be working in tandem with the compactor as is usually the case. Therefore, our tailor-made solution means that one machine can be eliminated from the process making it a very profitable and worthwhile investment. Watch the machine in action below.  

  The customised solution comprises two GCS 900 systems:

  • The first system controls the automation of the blade for material placement
  • The second roof mounted GPS system provides real time height and pass count mapping of the compaction wheels to ensure that the operator provides correct coverage and compacted height of material on the fill. This data is then transmitted wirelessly to VisionLink 3D for QA reporting on compaction coverage and conformance to fill heights and thicknesses.

  SITECH Solutions are able to create complete and customised solutions incorporating machine hardware, survey positioning and office software and reporting systems. Speak to our team who are expert in advising unique ways we are able to meet your specific requirements.

Making the Grade: How Technology is Improving Construction of Durable Roads

Integration of grade control technology in heavy equipment is helping contractors complete jobs faster and more effectively as discussed in this article in For Construction Pros written byTrimble’s Kevin Garcia, business area manager for paving and specialty construction. Read about how construction technology is increasing productivity and efficiency on grading, compaction and paving projects across the country; and how implementation of 3D machine control helped one contractor shave 20% off their project timeline. Contractors are seeing the benefits by meeting required tolerances, reducing material costs, and delivering a quality solution that lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Read the full article on For Constuction Pros here


Trimble Contractor Series – Dane Cotton at DC Excavation Talks Earthworks GO!

Dane Cotten from DC Excavation shares how Trimble technology helps get the job done right the first time and on time every time so that you can get back to what’s really important.
DC Excavation started out small but aren’t staying that way. They wanted to find a way to maximise potential and in doing so discovered that with the right Trimble gear, they can compete with anybody.
To learn more about Trimble EarthworksGo! and how SITECH Solutions can help your business  contact us.

TOTALcapture Increases Productivity & Safety for Mount Thorley Mine

SITECH Solutions Sydney Installer John Doveton headed to Singleton recently to fit a TOTALcapture System onto this Volvo articulated dump truck (ADT) for Les Russel Earthmoving.

The ADT complete with TOTALcapture system is all set for work on the Mount Thorley mine, an integrated operation of two open cut pits located adjacent to each other, 15 kilometres south-west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. TOTALcapture is a productivity tracking system that ensures increased safety onsite for load and haul operators. The TOTALcapture system is designed as a decision support system that passes key equipment production and location data captured by the onboard devices back to the cloud-based server. The near real-time data helps managers effectively monitor and control the utilisation of their assets from any location via the internet. The system removes a number of human error elements compared to manual systems, and consolidates the onboard system monitoring systems into a single solution. Operator interaction is kept to a minimum through the connection to available digital inputs or supported OEM interfaces. To find out more about TOTALcapture and how it can work for your operations, contact us today.

Performance Proof is in for Trimble Grade Control Technology

Results of our recent machine control productivity study show that autos improve performance by an average of almost 52% over conventional methods. Check out the metrics in the recent article featured in Construction Executive  with an excerpt from the article below: –

~~~~~~~~~ Machine control—specifically grade control technology—and emerging autonomous operations are fast becoming integral to the construction industry, particularly in site work. A recent weeklong productivity study compared the performance of 16 excavator operators of varying skill levels The results of the study demonstrate that the path toward autonomous machine control is set. The average of all operators – novice to expert – showed an almost 43% improvement with guidance-only grade control across the board and almost 52% improvement with automatics over conventional methods. The study numbers indicated that guidance make a very good operator better and enable less skilled operators to perform close to intermediate and expert operators with comparable accuracy. Nothing replaces time in the seat. As one of the expert operators noted, “Automatics could make a huge difference in production and accuracy, reducing costs and eliminating grade checking while putting less wear on the equipment.” The study also indicates that machine control and autonomous solutions can help owners and operators build a qualified, quality workforce—an ability that could give any company a leg up in today’s workforce-challenged environment. In today’s market, a contractor of any size can gain almost immediate value in productivity and addressing the labor challenges, while setting themselves up to take advantage of future autonomous capabilities. Read the full article in Construction Mag HERE.

Specialist Tunnel Excavation for the WestConnex Project with Trimble GCS900

The first underground stage of the nation’s biggest road infrastructure project, WestConnex, is now open. Brendon Vella, SITECH Solutions Sydney Support captured some photos of this surface miner working on one of the access tunnels whilst onsite during construction.


The surface miner is fitted out with Trimble GCS900 to ensure absolute precision and accuracy at variable depths and slope. Trimble GCS900 is a cutting edge earthmoving grade control system that puts design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab. The system uses GPS and a radio correction signal to accurately position the milling drum in real time, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving productivity and profitability. Variations of the system allow for use of Laser or Total Station technology, to allow use in tunnels or other, restricted situations where GPS is unavailable or undesirable. The entire WestConnex project is due to be finished in 2023. Known as the M4 East, the newly opened section consists of twin tunnels which are three lanes wide in each direction and will link to the widened M4 and connect Homebush to Haberfield in the inner-west. The $16.8 billion WestConnex project is the centrepiece of the Berejiklian Government’s $90 billion infrastructure program. The 5.5 kilometre-long tunnels are expected to take around 10,000 trucks off Parramatta Road. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the newly opened section would shave 20 minutes off a peak hour journey from Parramatta to the CBD. Eventually, WestConnex will link the M4 Motorway to the M5 Motorway, CBD and airport via 33km of tunnels and motorways. When the project is complete, the NSW Government says motorists will be able to bypass 52 sets of traffic lights between Beverly Hills and Parramatta.

PHOTO: The M4 tunnels will allow motorists to bypass 42 sets of traffic lights.

Pave the Way to Better Profits with Trimble’s PSC900 Paving Control Systems

Here is Fulton Hogan’s paver in operation, laying asphalt on the night shift at the import-export (IMEX) terminal at the Moorebank Logistics Park. Recently kitted out with Trimble’s PSC900 system SITECH Solutions’ Nick Pryke (Sales) was onsite when he captured these shots. Trimble’s PSC900 Paving Control for Asphalt Pavers helps you to pave the way to better profits. With Trimble’s PSC900 Paving Control on your machine you’ll speed u your paving production while paying a smoother surface and reducing material costs. TRIMBLE PAVING CONTROL CAN HELP YOU:

  • Lay the finished surface with accuracy to 0.01 feet (3 millimetres)
  • Minimise use of expensive material
  • Pave within a tighter tolerance and get closer to the minimal asphalt thickness specification
  • Reduce labour costs by controlling the screed with one operator
  • Eliminate operator mistakes with the easy-to-use display interface
  • Lay complex designs such as transitions, super-elevated curves and frequently changing cross slopes
  • Achieve accuracy and smoothness specifications which can mean a bigger bonus.

Contact us to find out more. -ABOUT MOOREBANK LOGISTICS PARK- Moorebank Logistics Park is a nationally significant infrastructure development that will transform the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany and deliver a faster, simpler and more cost-effective service for business and consumers. Moorebank Logistics Park is being developed on a precinct comprising of land owned by the Commonwealth of Australia and adjacent land owned by Qube Holdings. The development will comprise:

  • an import-export (IMEX) terminal with a capacity to handle up to 1.05 million TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) a year of international containerised freight;
  • an interstate terminal with a capacity to handle up to 500,000 TEU of interstate and regional freight per year;
  • up to 850,000 sqm of high specification warehousing where containers can be unpacked before delivery of their contents to its final destinations;
  • auxiliary services including retail and service offerings;
  • a rail connection to the Southern Sydney Freight Line (SSFL), which will provide direct access to the facility; and
  • substantial biodiversity offset areas protected from development, including vegetation on the east bank of the Georges River.

Staff Announcements

James Mackay, Sales – ACT and Southern NSW We are pleased to announce that James Mackay has accepted the role of Sales Rep for Canberra and Southern NSW. James has been in the role of Service Technician for about 5 years, both in Sydney and Canberra. During this time he has developed a strong, trusted relationship with all of the customers in Southern NSW and his strong work ethic and dedication to his role have contributed to the ongoing success of SITECH Solutions. We are sure that James will be able to continue and grow upon this success. Kevin Lawler, Operations Co-ordinator – ACT & Southern NSW Congratulations to Kevin Lawler as he has just been appointed the new role of ‘Operations Coordinator – ACT & Southern NSW. He will be working closely with SITECH Solutions Operations Manager, Ryan Nash and Operations Supervisor, Chris James with regards to the day-to-day installs and organisational support for the southern region. Another major part of this role will be supporting SITECH Solutions Rental/ Workshop Co-ordinator Remmi Madhu with the Hire Fleet Organisation/ Stock Accountability as well as Customer Relations. We all look forward to working more closely with Kevin in the growth and support of the SITECH team as a whole.

Huge Wrap for Trimble Earthworks 3D GPS

Thanks Rock Structures for the explanation of the Trimble Earthworks 3D GPS and the huge wrap 👌👌👍👍 SHARED below for your viewing pleasure….
Some of you may be familiar with how 3D GPS Systems work, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a little explanation of what the System & Screen looks like on the Earthworks Monitor and what the Modeling looks like after it’s installed. For Digging Basements on a Hillside, not having to worry about where the Stakes are at, this is an amazing tool!!! Awe forget that….this is just an amazing tool for whatever you’re doing that has anything to do with Excavation!!! Trimble is on top of their Game!!! 😎😎
– @rockstructures

Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction Earthworks Grade Control Platform Version 1.9

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 1.9 provides support for fully automatic guidance for excavator tiltrotator attachments and the company’s universal total stations for motor graders.
  • Earthworks semi-automatic boom and bucket control now works with tilt automatics on engcon, Rototilt and Steelwrist attachments
  • Combined depth and tilt autos allow excavator operator to easily control complex attachments to stay on grade
  • Controls excavator boom and bucket as well as tilt angle of the attachment, while the operator controls the excavator stick and rotation of the tiltrotator
  • Earthworks for Motor Graders version 1.9 now supports universal total stations for millimeter-accurate fine grading with fewer passes
Find the complete article here as featured in –

The Trends of Technologies Changing the Industry

The construction industry as a whole is starting to see the advantages that drones can provide. Companies are flying drones to create maps, monitor progress, improve safety, capture video and measure aggregates. They’re improving efficiencies and saving money and time, making drones an increasingly valuable tool for a variety of projects. This recent article featured in Inside Unmanned Systems discusses the many challenges faced in the extremely dynamic environments of today’s construction sites and how drone technology such as Trimble Stratus represents an answer to these problems. If you’re flying a drone on a site and have information from machine control equipment, it all gets blended together in a ‘fusion of data’ for maximum data output. That maximizes efficiency and, in turn, profitability. Trimble Stratus software helps civil contractors use drones to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. With Stratus, you can make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes, and grow profits by always having the right information on hand. Access the full article here:- and learn more about Trimble Stratus HERE.

The Future is NOW: AWJ Civil Virtual Reality Experience Day

SITECH Solutions was recently invited to assist in a Virtual Reality Experience day at AWJ Civil Pty Ltd, at which five ASCC year 10 students were able to experience first-hand the very latest in construction technology. AWJ is a company at the forefront of Civil Engineering in Sydney, Australia, specialising in civil contracting services with expertise in project management, civil and environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and complex infrastructure. With a strong community focus, the company is very committed to promotion of the civil construction industry and driving Western Sydney Civil works into a new era of growth and prosperity. In a commendable initiative, AWJ has partnered with All Saints Catholic College (ASCC) Liverpool to offer students a vocational programme designed to broaden career options, skills and experience within the civil construction industry. The programme incorporates site visits, work experience as well as traineeships, apprenticeship, and mentoring opportunities and the Virtual Reality Experience day was organised by AWJ as part of this. Rhys Geerligs and Craig Wenck went along to lend a hand, taking with them the SITECH Solutions’ Trimble Earthworks Simulator as well as a couple of pairs of Augmented Reality (AR) Goggles, a unique way to introduce a real-life experience of machine control technology to the uninitiated. Upon donning the AR goggles the students became immersed in a virtual quarry where five machines – two excavators, two dozers and a loader – become visible. Just by focusing the eyes for a couple of seconds, the wearer is able to virtually operate the machine of their choice from inside the cab as if they were the operator. The students were then strapped into the driver’s seat of SITECH’s Trimble Earthworks Simulator, from which they operated machinery and experienced Trimble Earthworks machine control technology virtually, using two joysticks and a large screen. They were also able to experience some of the latest in surveying technology utilised by AWJ Civil such as Trimble Stratus drone technology which is used to help civil contractors to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. The students loved being able to experience this leading edge technology first hand, giving them a true to life glimpse into the world of the construction industry as it is today and the exciting direction in which it is headed. The strong focus on technology, being an area of such interest and relevance to the younger generation, was an excellent way to promote the construction industry and to encourage their future involvement.

Footage from the drone: the ASCC students, AWJ Civil staff with SITECH Solutions Rhys Geerligs and Craig Wenck

SITECH Solutions is so proud to have been part of what was such a great day for the invited students and a wonderful experience for both the AWJ Civil and our staff.

Range Road Upgrade Underway with Trimble GCS900

The Range Road Upgrade is nicely underway thanks to Divalls Earthmoving and this M-series Cat, pictured here and fitted out with the Trimble GCS 900 grader system.

Divall Earthmoving’s M-series Cat, fitted with the Trimble GCS 900 Grader System

The Range Road is being upgraded following its approval for funding under the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Roads program.

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward told the Goulburn Post that once completed, the upgraded road would improve freight accessibility and deliver better road safety outcomes allowing for the easier passing of vehicles.

“The Fixing Country Roads program ensures our roads are able to carry the food, produce and raw materials that support the local community,” Ms Goward said.

The work entails:

  • widening and sealing the road along with bridge works.
  • improved all-weather access for larger heavy vehicles
  • safety upgrades will also be undertaken.
RANGE ROAD: A section of Range Road, where a crash between a bus and a ute occurred on March 6, 2017

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said the Fixing Country Roads program had reached almost $270 million, funding vital road upgrades delivering better connections to local communities.

“Freight is worth more than $60 billion to the NSW economy so it is vital that our regional roads are able to support more efficient freight movements in and out of our regional areas,” Mrs Pavey said.

To learn more how Trimble machine control can help you to achieve a finished grade the first time, every time click here:

Good read in Waste Today Magazine: – Using Drones for Landfill Monitoring

This article talks about the way that drone technology is evolving to make it easier for managers to optimize their landfill operations. These unmanned aircrafts have brought the promise of more information with less time, labour and cost investments. Trimble Stratus software helps civil contractors use drones to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. With Stratus, you can make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes, and grow profits by always having the right information on hand. READ THE FULL STORY HERE and you can read more about Trimble Stratus HERE and also in our recent Customer Case Study. ABOUT TRIMBLE STRATUS Trimble Stratus software helps civil contractors use drones to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. With Stratus, you can make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes and grow profits by always having the right information on hand. With Trimble Stratus you can:- Confidently Plan and Estimate Know what you’re quoting: conduct your own site surveys before the job begins and whenever changes occur Survey Frequently and Faster Get accurate, up-to-date topographic surveys whenever you need without having to bring in a survey crew Communicate Effectively A visual timeline keeps everyone on the same page Track site changes, avoid crossed wires and resolve disputes quickly Take Control Save on consultants and avoid information bottlenecks; get answers to questions yourself with an intuitive, web-based tool Calculate Site Volumes Calculate overall material volumes added or removed from pits, stockpiles, cells, drainage channels etc. Conduct Design Checks Upload design files to compare actual surface to design surface and track progress Easily measure distances, slopes and heights to compare with site measurements.

Kobelco Introduces Trimble-Ready Excavators

Kobelco and Trimble have announced the introduction of a Trimble Ready option for select Tier 4 Final Kobelco excavator models in Australia and New Zealand. With a machine control system using automatic, the machine automatically controls the position of the bucket and the boom when operating in a semi-autonomous mode. All that the operator needs to do is position the machine and simply pull back on the arm control stick where he wants to cut the grade. The system will stay on grade automatically controlling the boom and the bucket to keep the cutting edge perfectly on grade according to the site plan. It even works with tilting buckets and tilt hitches. The demand on contractors to be more efficient and productive is greater than ever before. Our contractors out in the marketplace are telling us that this system allows them to double their productivity and efficiency and that ultimately means improved bottom lines and greater efficiencies on the job sites. Watch this video (starring our own Grant Hibburd, with cameos by Rhys Geerligs and Kevin Lawler) and contact us today for more info.

Trimble Siteworks with Tilt Compensation

Construction surveyors can now capture accurate points without levelling the pole, making surveying in areas such as building corners accurate, fast and easy. Trimble Siteworks with Tilt Compensation allows you to:

  • work in hard to reach places
  • use while walking
  • use while standing
  • use while driving; and
  • work faster and safer.

Now you can get tilted just like this guy in the video below. Love your work Phil!

Staff Announcements

SITECH Solutions has some more exciting additions the team this month. Ryan Nash – Operations Manager We welcome Ryan Nash to the role of Operations Manager. Electrical fitter mechanic by trade, Ryan has enjoyed over 19 years industry experience. In his role with SITECH Solutions as the Operations Manager, Ryan will oversee the daily operations across the business warehouse, install, support and rental departments as well as being responsible for quality control, customer training and support. Ryan loves the challenge of continuously ensuring the smooth running of daily operationsand productivity, with the ultimate goal of exceptional customer service. With proven strengths including multitasking, problem solving, streamlining processes, efficiencies, developing customer relationships, Ryan will be a major asset to the team. He looks forward to meeting with you and you can catch him at our Head Office on 02 6788 2155. SITECH Solutions also extends a big welcome to Michael Newcombe and Joe Coles to our Sales Team, pictured together below at the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo earlier in May. Michael Newcombe (L) and Joe Coles (R) at the 2019 National Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo. Michael Newcombe – SITECH Solutions Sales Michael Newcombe joins us as Account Manager for the Northern NSW region, which stretches from Port Macquarie North to Tweed Heads. He has a deep understanding of the industry and of Trimble technology, having worked for Sitech CS Townsville and Melbourne for 5 years. A qualified Auto Electrician, Michael’s experience encompasses machinery sales, IT Tech support and he has also previously worked as Branch Manager in the hospitality industry. In his role with SITECH Solutions he aims to assist his customer base to embrace new technology and to maximise their businesses capabilities, achieving this in his genuine and down to earth manner. Michael looks forward to building business relationships and also to selling solutions rather than just a product. Michael has three children with his partner for 22 years and he says life just keeps getting better and better! Joe Coles – SITECH Solutions Sales Surveyor by trade, Joe has worked in Civil Construction in the Central West region of NSW over the last 12 years. His vast work experience in the field of surveying is complemented by project management experience from start to completion as well as a deep understanding of machine guidance. Joe’s new role with SITECH Solutions is to facilitate the transition of Central West NSW businesses into the 21st century via Trimble’s products and technology. He is especially keen to help businesses understand that with Trimble’s technology they can be safer and more productive. Based in Dubbo, Joe’s sales area covers four hours in every direction. Joe enjoys helping people and has found his strengths include his communication and problem solving skills. Joe also says he was keen to work at SITECH as the company is an industry leader in its fields and has a great team atmosphere – well we all agree with you there, Joe!!

Kobelco Trimble Ready Demo Day

Improve your productivity by 30% and take your business to the next level!

SITECH Solutions in collaboration with Sydney Trucks and Machinery and Kobelco demonstrated the SK350LC-10 Trimble’s 3D Semi-autonomous Earthworks kit installed at the recent Trimble/Kobelco Demo Day held on the 18th & 19th of April at Smeaton Grange.

Easter and ANZAC Day Trading Hours

Happy Easter from the team at SITECH Solutions, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe Easter break. Our offices will be closed from Good Friday, April 19 and it will be business as usual from Tuesday, April 23. We will be closed for Anzac Day on Thursday, April 25. #happyeaster #sitechsolutions #holiday

Trimble PCS900 Paving Control Boosts Productivity by 50%

Nick Pryke, SITECH Solutions, Sales captured this fantastic shot during some on-site training for Town & Country Asphalting who recently installed Trimble’s PCS900 Paving Control System on this machine working on resurfacing of the Hume Highway. Did you know that the Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System has proven to boost productivity by 50%? Click through HERE to a recent case study illustrating this statistic and pave your way to better profits! You can also read more about Trimble PCS900 HERE.

Transform 2019 – A Great Success!

TRANSFORM 2019 culminated in 3 excellent events with over 700 customers through the doors, attending more than 50 breakout sessions. Numerous customers have told us how much they enjoyed and, even better, learned something new by attending. Here is the SITECH Solutions sales team, looking pretty sharp at the event don’t you agree??! 💁‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️ Pictured here are Rhys Geerligs, Jade Burns with Craig Wenck (L-R) and another of Rhys Geerligs, Grant Hibburd, Ian Graham and Jade Burns (L-R).
The guys were showcasing (not just their new SITECH Solutions polo shirts but more importantly) the latest in Trimble technology including Earthworks, Business Centre 5.0, Connected Site, Stratus, Siteworks, VisionLink and much, much more.
To find out more about the latest Trimble technology and how your business can reap the associated benefits including greater productivity, greater efficiency and increased safety click HERE to contact us today.

Trimble Innovation On The Jobsite

What machine automation can do for your business. The impact of automation is undeniable – driverless cars have taken to the streets, robots are working in operating rooms, and bots are increasingly our first point of contact, taking our calls, orders in restaurants, and complaints online. Read more in this article featured in Earthmoving Equipment Magazine –

Trimble Announces Lightweight Rugged T7 Tablet

Trimble has introduced the Trimble T7 Tablet, a rugged, lightweight and versatile device for construction surveying applications.

Using Trimble Siteworks Software for construction surveying, the Trimble T7 provides real-time data to visualize cut/fill levels, calculate material volumes, check grade and communicate work orders to increase productivity and enable better decision making.

“The Trimble T7 Tablet is the next step in the evolution of our data collection portfolio,” said Scott Crozier, general manager for Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “Surveyors, supervisors and inspectors can complete tasks with less downtime, combining Trimble reliability with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of configurations and jobsite conditions.”

READ THE FULL ARTICLE in The Heavy Equipment Guide HERE

SEE Civil Uses Trimble Stratus to Drive Efficiencies

Trimble, the global leader in positioning technologies, was an early partner of Propeller. The SITECH Solutions, Trimble and Propeller teams work closely together to deliver Trimble Stratus survey-grade drone data solutions for the heavy civil industries. To learn more about how established civil construction and engineering companies are looking to combine decades of expertise and experience with the power of 3D site surveying technology, Propeller caught up with Cameron Brittain, the general manager—technology and digital engineering at SEE Group, a recent customer of Trimble Stratus. Propeller uncovered some of the current challenges SEE Group faces, how technology is helping them to move away from conventional survey methodologies and how Trimble Stratus can drive efficiencies in the future. Click through to the full release HERE.

SITECH Solutions Apprentice Traineeship Programme

SITECH Solutions is taking on trainees as part of one of the company’s community initiatives centring around youth development and employment. This month we welcome another trainee into the fold. Cameron Stewart, Service Manager (R) is pictured here with SITECH Solutions’ newest Trainee, Jacob Bornholdt (L). Jacob is the second hire as part of the new SITECH Solutions Traineeship programme. The traineeship is for 1 year and as part of this Jacob will also complete a Certificate II in Automotive and Electrical Engineering through TAFE NSW. We welcome Jacob to the team and look forward to watching him progress in his career.

New Product Update – Trimble SPS785 GNSS Smart Antenna

The Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction division is pleased to announce the new Trimble SPS785 GNSS Smart Antenna. Priced for a faster return on investment, this new budget-friendly receiver is lightweight, compact and offers the same high-precision accuracy you have come to expect from Trimble GNSS receivers.

Trimble Announces Machine Control and Payload Management on One Platform

Trimble has announced the Trimble® LOADRITE® Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for Excavators integration. This integration will help increase productivity and efficiency for excavator operations, allowing contractors to track bucket-by-bucket payload, and monitor mass haul progress from the same Trimble Earthworks display. The versatile system can be installed on any hydraulic excavator that has Trimble Earthworks, and offers an easy transition between grade control and payload management, maximizing the contractor’s investment. “With the introduction, Trimble will have the only aftermarket, mixed fleet solution that integrates grade control with payload management,” said Scott Crozier, general manager for Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “This technology makes the Trimble Earthworks platform extensible to more applications, and more flexible than ever before.” Combining machine control and payload management on the Trimble Earthworks platform can increase the versatility and productivity of the excavator, empowering the operator to not only grade to within a given specification, but also maximize every truck haul to get the job done quicker.
About Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management Trimble LOADRITE onboard weighing systems ensure optimal loading to maximize every truck haul to get the job done quicker. With the ability to accurately measure the weight of each bucket and calculate the total weight loaded onto each truck, the system enables operators to increase productivity and efficiency for excavating, creating more efficient mass haul.

Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform integrates a bucket by bucket payload management system onto the Trimble Earthworks platform. This allows a single system and screen to provide both grade control and payload management. Some key features:

  • Truck load capacity can be saved for each truck registration or fleet number
  • Counts down to a target weight for each load
  • Maximises each load for more efficient hauling, getting the job done cheaper and quicker
  • Can be fitted to any make of excavator and will work on mixed fleets
  • Helps ensure that every truck is not over loaded for safety and Chain of Responsibility requirements
  • Can generate reports showing trucks, volumes and materials loaded.

Trimble Siteworks’ New Measurement Mode – Dynamic Tilt

Siteworks v1.02 has a new measurement mode called Dynamic Tilt. The Dynamic Tilt feature upgrade allows for faster data collection — create larger digital terrain models faster and with improved accuracy. From inside the vehicle, contractors can set the height of the antenna and quickly interrogate surface models using the real-time 3D surface display in Trimble Siteworks field software.

  • From a moving vehicle, capture higher accuracy measurements on steeper slopes
  • Capture more accurate volume measurements to save time and money on material planning
  • Auto-measure antenna height.

Dynamic Tilt is a measurement mode for use with vehicle-mounted GNSS receivers. It uses inertial measurement units (IMUs) inside of the GNSS receiver to automatically correct the measured points for the receiver/vehicle tilt. This allows more accurate measurements to be taken on a slope. This measurement mode is compatible with all SPS986 receivers (450MHz or 900MHz). The requirements for Dynamic Tilt measurements are: Siteworks v1.02 or greater, an SPS986 with firmware version 6.0 or greater, and the purchase of an additional op on code. For a full description of the Dynamic Tilt workflow contact us today.

Christmas and Holiday Trading Hours

All of us at SITECH Solutions would like to thank you for your support throughout the year and wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.. Our offices will be closed for the holidays from:- ~ Monday 24th December 2018 – Friday 4th January 2019 ~ We will however be operating on a limited basis to continue supporting you. For urgent service enquiries over this period, contact our Help Desk on 02 6788 2155, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

SITECH Solutions At Western Sydney Airport, CPB LL JV Early Earthworks Site

SITECH Solutions at Western Sydney Airport, CPB LL JV Early Earthworks site, using GPS GCS900 machine control and VisionLink to track material movements, for compactor pass mapping and as-built surface mapping. Check out these videos of the machines working whilst we utilise this technology to optimise project productivity – by monitoring load counts, cycle times and the movement of materials against projects or asset targets.

The Early Earthworks package involves moving more than 1.8 million cubic metres of earth as well as road and drainage works, including realigning Badgerys Creek Road. The first stage of earthworks is scheduled for completion in late-2019.

Hay Rust ‘n Dust Outback Rally Car Sponsorship

SITECH Solutions proudly sponsored Cooper Earthmoving & Haulage’s rally car in the third annual Hay Rust ‘n Dust Outback Rally earlier this month.
The third annual Hay Rust n Dust Outback Rally was a 4 day car rally organised to help raise funds for the Hay branch of Can Assist, Angel Flight and Cancer Research Australia.
The rally saw entrants travel about 2500km along outback dirt roads after leaving Hay, with Tilpa in central NSW the first scheduled stop.
On day 2 the rally drivers travelled to Hungerford, Queensland, before heading back to Whitecliffs, NSW on day 3.
The rally is growing each year with 41 cars and about 120 people participating this year, compared to only 20 cars last year.
Anyone wishing to donate can do so by depositing funds into Bendigo Bank (Hay NSW), Hay Rust n Dust Outback Rally, BSB 633000, Account number 163349616.
All funds are put into a central pool, split up and donated to the causes evenly.
Coopers Earthmoving are well renowned for their contributions to charitable causes, most notably by their blue grader, painted blue in support of Beyond Blue and their pink grader, so painted in support of the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer awareness. For each hour the machine work, $5 is donated to the respective charity.
What a great bunch of people, finding great ways to give back to the community.

Trimble’s 3D GCS900 at the Moorebank Logistics Park

Here is Fulton Hogan’s paver in operation, laying asphalt in one of the final parts of Construction – Stage 1 at the import-export (IMEX) terminal at the Moorebank Logistics Park. Recently kitted out with Trimble’s 3D GCS900 SITECH Solutions’ Nick Pryke (Sales) was onsite running a training session on the machine when he captured these shots. Trimble’s 3D GCS900 helps you to achieve finished grade with fewer passes, place material faster with millimetre accuracy. With GCS900 on your machine you’ll keep costs to a minimum and realize better profits. -ABOUT MOOREBANK LOGISTICS PARK- Moorebank Logistics Park is a nationally significant infrastructure development that will transform the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany and deliver a faster, simpler and more cost-effective service for business and consumers. Moorebank Logistics Park is being developed on a precinct comprising of land owned by the Commonwealth of Australia and adjacent land owned by Qube Holdings. The development will comprise: -an import-export (IMEX) terminal with a capacity to handle up to 1.05 million TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) a year of international containerised freight; -an interstate terminal with a capacity to handle up to 500,000 TEU of interstate and regional freight per year; -up to 850,000 sqm of high specification warehousing where containers can be unpacked before delivery of their contents to its final destinations; -auxiliary services including retail and service offerings; -a rail connection to the Southern Sydney Freight Line (SSFL), which will provide direct access to the facility; and substantial biodiversity offset areas protected from development, including vegetation on the east bank of the Georges River. Contact us to find out more.

Trimble Dimensions 2018 Offsite – Automous Dozers

Trimble Dimensions 2018 Offsite was an awesome display of incredible technology solutions plus the opportunity to get hands on experience and watch demonstrations featuring over 50 machines from various manufacturers. Catch a glimpse of the future of Trimble autonomous technology in this video of the autonomous dozer – just one of a massive line-up of off-site demos.

Hello from the Inside…Of Trimble Bootcamp 2018

Four of our SITECH Solutions technicians travelled Las Vegas this month to attend Trimble Boot Camp 2018. A 3-day training event in Las Vegas running from Wednesday, October 31, 2018 – Friday, November 2, 2018, Trimble Boot Camp 2018 took place immediately prior to Trimble Dimensions 2018. SITECH Solutions sent Matt Leonard, Support Technician, Coffs Harbour and Kevin Lawler, Support Technician, ACT along with Jeff Bowd, Support Technician, Sydney and Ben Nicholson, Support Technician, ACT to keep abreast of the latest Trimble technology and also in recognition of their dedication and hard work. Pictured below are Matt Leonard (L), Support Technician, Coffs Harbour and Kevin Lawler (R) Support Technician, ACT in amongst it and loving it.

The photos below taken by SITECH’s Solutions Support Technician Jeff Bowd, as he stands in amongst the 300 plus attendees, show the sheer scale of the event and the technology.

SITECH Solutions Traineeship Programme

SITECH Solutions is taking on trainees as part of one of the company’s community initiatives centring around youth development and employment. Cameron Stewart, Service Manager (L) is pictured here with SITECH Solutions’ new Trainee, Peter Huy (R). Peter is the first hire as part of the new SITECH Solutions Traineeship Programme. The traineeship is for 1 year and as part of this Peter will also complete a Certificate II in Automotive and Electrical Engineering through TAFE NSW. We welcome Peter to the team and look forward to watching him progress in his career.

Second Trimble HYDROpro Installation for Tyson Excavations

SITECH Solutions’ Grant Hibburd (Construction Sales) and Nick Pryce (Sales Mining, Landfill & Aggregates) were recently onsite for the install of a custom Trimble HYDROpro system on Tyson Excavations’ Trencor trencher as part of the $43.7 million Wah Wah Stock and Domestic Pipeline Project.

This is Tyson’s second trencher to be fitted with GPS for the project. Trimble HYDROpro gives depth, location, alignment and provides data recording for work as executed reports and built plans. Scroll down to read our Gunbar Water Pipeline article below for more details about the project.

Landmark Construction Increases Efficiency with Trimble Earthworks Excavator 3D System

Trimble Earthworks allows Landmark Construction’s excavators to semi autonomously reach grade quickly and accurately. South Carolina-based Landmark Construction Company Inc. has grown from 45 to 400 people in 8 years . Landmark’s Survey Superintendent Mike Marshall credits this growth to the company’s continued investment in construction technology such as Trimble Earthworks. Read the full case study here.

Drought Relief – Over $16K Raised for NSW Farmers

A big THANK YOU to all of our customers who purchased from us in August. Together we were able to donate over $16K to help support Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers. The percentage of our total turnover in August 2018 that we donated will help to buy hay for farmers and provide assistance in North West NSW where they are crippled by drought. Watch the video below which explains a bit more about Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale programme and its drought relief efforts.

Please call us on 02 6788 2155 if you have any queries about the August Drought Appeal or click through to the Buy a Bale website here.

Fiore Wins Perth SuperPrint in the SITECH Supercar

We’re still celebrating first place at the Dunlop Super2 Series Perth Supersprint earlier this month. Congratulations to Dean Fiore on his big win in the SITECH Supercar on home soil.

Dean couldn’t have been happier. “What a day!! Can’t thank everyone enough! Awesome to win at home,” he said. So good to see Dean and his great looking car on top of the podium. Can’t wait for the Watpac Townsville 400, 6-8 July 2018.

Trim’s New Hitachi Fitted with Trimble GCS900 Grade Control

SITECH Solutions just finished commissioning Adam Wilson from Trim Plant’s new Hitachi 2×210, fitting it with a Trimble GCS900 grade control system. Here are some photos of the machine on site at the Bringelly Road Project for your viewing pleasure. Trimble’s GCS9900 system lets you quickly perform complex tasks and simplify finishing slopes with accurate 3D positioning and allows you to work in any environment with a flexible system that can use either GNSS or robotic total station. You can use the GNSS receiver(s) and solid-state angle sensors to measure the precise 3D position of the teeth of the bucket and add a robotic total station-based system for extreme accuracy. Use the system on excavators with tilt buckets for shaping V-ditches and operations where the excavator is digging a slope that is not perpendicular to the boom. Contact us to learn more!

Kobelco announces a Trimble Ready Option for the 20T, 25T, 30T AND 35T Class Excavator Models.

Kobelco and Trimble have announced the introduction of a Trimble Ready® option for select Tier 4 Final Kobelco excavator models in Australia and New Zealand. Select excavators that ship from the Kobelco factory are now ready for the installation of the Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform for excavators, which can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation for the contractor.

Read more on the Kobelco Website

Sandown 500

Dean Fiore and Michael Caruso in the Nissan Altima #23 at the Sandown 500 over the weekend. Read more at…/days-of-thunder-moment-for-sat…/ #deanfiore #michaelcaruso #sitechsolutions #trimble #sandown500

New Products!

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Walz Scale and MiX Telematics as the new distributor of their product range in Australia.

  • Walz Scale is your single source for industrial truck scales, onsite services, calibration, and various other weighing systems for freight, shipping, retail, and more. Spanning from heavy duty axle scales and wheel weighers to pallet jack scales and floor scales, Walz Scale delivers a full spectrum of industry-leading weighing solutions for a wide range of needs and application.Visit the Walz website
  • MiX Telematics is a global provider of information and related services for the efficient and effective management of mobile assets, including driver safety, vehicle tracking and fleet management.Visit the MiX Telematics website

August Drought Relief – We’re buying Hay for NSW Farmers

We will donate 1% of total turnover in August 2018 to buy hay for farmers in North West NSW where they are crippled by drought! When you purchase a product from us this month, you are helping us help our farmers! Please call us if you have any queries about this appeal on 02 6788 2155.

Staff Movements

Remmi Madhu – we are pleased to welcome Remmi Madhu to SITECH Solutions, to the role of Service and Hire Fleet Technician, servicing and co-ordinating the process of hiring Trimble products to customers and internal support. Remmi completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2006 and has more than eight years of experience in various sectors in the electronics industry including designing, servicing, quality, certifying electronic products according to Australian and International Standards. Remmi worked as an Electronics Engineer with Novastar Communications for five years in India before moving to Australia with her husband and two children. Remmi started her career in Australia working with Fonebiz then EMC Technologies as a Safety Engineer and Quality Administrator for more than two years before joining SITECH Solutions. Rhys Geerligs – has been working as a Support & Training Coordinator for the past two and a half years. We are pleased to announce that Rhys has taken up the Position of Sales Representative – Survey & Software. Rhys has extensive Trimble Product knowledge and will be more than happy to assist you with Rovers, Base Stations, UTS Kits, Trimble Stratus and Business Center – HCE, servicing New South Wales and ACT. You can contact Rhys directly on 0488 050 907 or email the Sales Team at Jeff Bowd – has been working as a Service and Quality Assurance Technician/Hire Fleet Coordinator for the last 12 months. We are pleased to announce that Jeff has taken up the Position of Technical Support. Jeff’s new role involves assisting customer with product fault-finding and problem solving over the phone and to decide whether an on-site technician is required. Jeff will also be assisting customers with Data Prep – converting surveyor designs into files that can utilised with SCS900 in Trimble Controllers and GCS900 in Machines. You can speak to Jeff by calling 02 6788 2155 or email the Support Team at

Gunbar Water Pipeline

Sitech Solutions’ Grant Hibburd and Nick Pryce recently spent a few days with Tyson Excavations, installing a custom Trimble HYDROpro system on their Cleveland Bucketwheel Trencher. The custom Trimble HYDROpro system gives depth, location and alignment, also providing data recording for work as executed reports and built plans. Based in Griffith, Tyson Excavations are contractors for the $43.7 million Wah Wah Stock and Domestic Pipeline Project (WWSD) which reached a milestone with construction of the 270km Gunbar Water Pipeline commencing in December last year. The WWSD will supply pressurised piped water to 62 properties in the Wah Wah district in NSW, which covers 310,000 hectares from Carrathool to Hay in the south, and from Gunbar to Booligal in the north. “The current supply system is inefficient with water conveyed from Barren Box Storage along the Wah Wah main channel and into 1,590km of earth channels, to fill more than 600 in-ground tanks on the properties,” Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) Chairman, Frank Sergi said. “With the new pipeline Wah Wah customers will benefit through improved levels of service, with year-round access to the river and bores, pressurised water supply and measured water use, which can be remotely monitored.” “This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to receive filtered Murrumbidgee river water,” said Chairman of the Gunbar Water Steering Committee and local farmer Don Low. “In a couple of years we will look back and believe the pipeline is the best thing to happen to this area.” The Wah Wah Stock and Domestic Pipeline Project is due to be completed by April 2018.

Trimble 3D System on the Bringelly Road Upgrade

The $3.6 billion Bringelly Road Upgrade now has a new addition to the line-up of machines working on this significant NSW Government infrastructure project.

DJW Civil took delivery of a Cat 323FL – stacked with features including the Trimble 3D machine control system to maximise productivity and safety.

Pictured L to R: Craig Wenck (SITECH Solutions), Dylan Wheeler (DJW Civil) and Roberto Manna (WesTrac) By putting design, surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab, our 3D machine control systems give operators unprecedented control over grading, excavating, compaction and paving applications, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving productivity and profitability.

Harnessing the Power of Information with Trimble

The global construction industry is realising the inherent benefits of data optimisation. Utilising data is not only helping to inform decisions about infrastructure design, construction and management, but it is also helping improve construction machinery and in turn, productivity and job efficiency. Trimble is well versed on the power of data, particularly around increasing construction and earthmoving machinery efficiency and site productivity through improving interoperability of technologies and data. Dan Barry, Australasia Regional Manager at Trimble, chats to Roads & Infrastructure Australia in this article about the latest industry trend – turning data into a powerful tool to increase machine and on-site productivity via Trimble’s Connect software and Earthworks grade control. Read the full article HERE. Contact us – your local Trimble dealer – to find out more on 02 6788 2155

See SITECH at the Adelaide Clipsal 500 This Weekend!

SITECH Solutions is proud to be going racing this weekend as the Dunlop Super2 Series kicks off at the Adelaide Clipsal 500 with Dean Fiore on board the number 23 Nissan Nismo Altima for MW Motorsport. The car’s new livery is set to be unveiled for the first time this weekend and call us biased but we think it looks great.

It will be the first time that Supercars main gamer turned PIRTEK Enduro Cup regular Dean Fiore will contest the Dunlop Super2 Series.Fiore has been a frequent Enduro contender with Michael Caruso and Nissan Motorsport, taking his maiden Supercars podium at the Gold Coast in 2014. In addition to outings in Carrera Cup, Australian GT and the Bathurst 12 Hour in recent years, Fiore has three Super2 events to his name. The 2018 Adelaide 500 is the 20th anniversary of the event and dubbed a ground-breaking motorsport spectacular packed with action, entertainment and unforgettable moments that will have fans raving for the next 20 years. All Dunlop Super2 Series races will enjoy live coverage on Foxtel with five events providing additional FTA (free to air) coverage. Wishing our team the best of luck!

Trimble Implements Strategy – Inside Construction Feature Article

Inside Construction talks to Dan Barry, Trimble’s Regional Sales Manager Australasia, Civil Engineering & Construction, about the deployment phase of the latest technologies, Business Center Design Solutions, Trimble Earthworks, and the related productivity gains for customers. Read the full article HERE. For further info contact us, your local Trimble dealer.

Schofields Road Upgrade – SITECH’s Tech Savvy Solutions

Check out the latest edition of Australian National Construction Review for a feature on one of our recent projects – Schofields Road Upgrade.

The $140M Schofields Road Upgrade Stage 3 included a 2.5km upgrade to extend the road to four lanes, construction of new twin bridges and new traffic lights. SITECH Solutions supply Trimble construction solutions and software which not only provide efficiencies but increase safety on construction sites. SITECH has also been involved in major road construction projects such as the Bringelly Road Upgrade and has provided technology solutions for Windfarm development in Southern New South Wales and the Snowy Hydro Project. Click through to the full article HERE – from page 164 to 169.

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