Women in Construction

Happy Women in Construction Week!

Happy Women in Construction Week!

This week, March 4 through 10, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is celebrating their annual Women in Construction (WIC) Week.

The construction industry is facing a massive labour shortage. The labour and skill needed to relieve that shortage, however, are readily available. Despite making up a fraction of the current construction workforce, women are poised to move toward the forefront of the industry with a slow, but steady influx of female engineers, architects, project leaders, tradeswomen, contractors, and more.

That’s where NAWIC and events like WIC Week come in.

Stereotypes abound, young women  and perhaps even the general populous  don’t associate the construction industry and women in the way that they should.

WIC Week gives NAWIC members the chance to promote opportunities in construction for women within their communities, thus also generating a conversation around diversity in the trades.

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