Trimble Groundworks

Fundex Equipment to Offer Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System for Piling Rig Guidance

Trimble and Fundex Equipment have announced the availability of the Trimble® Groundworks Machine Control System for piling machine guidance as an option on Fundex Equipment foundation machines.

Trimble Groundworks helps construction companies accelerate piling operations with stakeless workflows, 3D guidance and safer sites using Fundex Piling Machines.

Trimble Groundworks is a 3D machine control system for piling rigs that improves efficiency and reduces downtime with stakeless navigation, monitoring productivity and quality, and managing design data from office to field. Trimble Groundworks helps optimize productivity, reduce driving time per pile for piling rigs and enables operations to work day or night and under almost any weather conditions. Part of the Trimble Connected Site® portfolio, Trimble Groundworks is a connected solution between office and field workflows.

“Trimble Groundworks increases the value of our equipment for our customers,” said Anton Hectors, manager E-systems, Fundex Equipment. “Thanks to integration of the machine control system with our Fundex Equipment foundation machines, operators can drive piles more efficiently and with higher quality.”

“Both Trimble and Fundex have a long history of providing innovative solutions for piling operations,” said Kevin Garcia, general manager of Trimble’s Civil Construction Solutions Division. “Trimble Groundworks technology on Fundex Equipment Foundation machines will enable our customers to maximize piling productivity and safety to new levels, with a reliable and accurate workflow.”

3D Guidance

Trimble Groundworks provides accurate piling depth, direction and drill hole calculation, enabling operators to drill exactly to the required depth. The Auto-Stop feature eliminates over/under drilling and reduces machine wear and tear.

Safer Piling Workflows

When Groundworks is used with Trimble Business Center software, administrators can set avoidance zones in the design file. This can alert the operator of areas to reduce blind spots. In addition, Groundworks reduces the need for surveyors and support staff to be near the machine, making worksites safer.

Layout and Record As-Built Data

Groundworks allows for operators to create an in-field stakeless piling design and export layout and as-built reports. These reports meet the International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES) for workflows for machine and software interoperability.

About Fundex Equipment

Fundex Equipment B.V. designs, produces and supplies multifunctional foundation machines all over the world. More than 60 years of experience in the field of various foundation techniques is the basis for the development of all their products. Fundex Equipment offers a wide range of foundation machines for various foundation techniques in the civil market with auxiliary equipment such as rotary heads, casing clamps, ring vibrators and hydraulic power packs.




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