Trimble Earthworks

Behind the Scenes: Trimble Earthworks Install for JBJ Civil

Behind the scenes with Jye Gregory, going the extra mile, working well into the night to get JBJ Civil’s 140M3 up and running with a Trimble Earthworks installation.
SITECH Solutions’ Jye Gregory recently fitted the third grader that SITECH Solutions has installed with Trimble Earthworks for JBJ Civil over past months.
To say that the operators at JBJ Civil are stoked with Trimble Earthworks would be an understatement.
“The Trimble Earthworks system is great!  Offset memories are used daily. Site memories have also come in handy when moving from one site to another and back again.  Not having to remember frequencies and the likes makes it a lot quicker to get going.
“Trimming with both GPS and UTS seems to hold grade better and not fluctuate with the numbers.
“It’s just so much easier to use. More detail, faster to use with the touch screen. And the auto is so smooth.”
Great work Jye on a beautiful 140M3 grader and a huge thank you to James and the staff of JBJ Civil for a great partnership with SITECH Solutions.
@jbjcivil is a trusted supplier in all aspects of civil earthworks. JBJ Civil’s machines and operators are well presented and have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of civil earthworks with CTB, foam bitumen and select gravel placement being some of the many finishing works they take in their stride with excellent results always.