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Connected construction according to Trimble

The connected construction site is gaining in popularity, even if the word “connected” has turned into somewhat of a buzzword.

People, machines, workflows – they have all become connected. In construction this means that we now have direct links between the office and field, between models and machines, software and hardware, platforms and services.

While the efficiency benefits of this connectivity might be more obvious on the higher level of project management, what does it bring to workers executing tasks on a project? Connectivity can help speed up project delivery, raise quality, achieve cost efficiencies, make work safer, and reduce environmental impact of construction projects.

Read the full article to learn more about the constructible process, constructible models and the related:

👉🏻productivity gains

👉🏻greater quality assurance

👉🏻increased safety

👉🏻greater transparency

👉🏻 greater sustainability

that you can achieve by working with Trimble Connected Construction.

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Trimble WorksManager Connected Construction